GRACE Review. [Did I See the Same Movie as Everyone Else?]

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Written and Directed by Paul Solet, 2009

Opening with other people’s opinions is not something I do often, but it should be said that enough people love GRACE that I am aware of my place in the minority camp.  But if you trust my opinion on horror, you’ll temper expectations drastically.  Paul Solet’s feature film debut is not a dreadful movie, per say, but it’s not very good either.  And I apologize if this review is merely a dissection of what others cherished that I didn’t, but there’s really no alternate way for me to think about GRACE.  I feel like everyone has on those glasses from THIRTEEN GHOSTS and I’m the odd man out wondering what’s got everyone else so scared.

First, a synopsis.  Jordan Ladd plays Madeline, an expectant mother who looses her husband and (presumably) her unborn child to a tragic car crash.  With only a few weeks left in her pregnancy, the midwife/estranged college friend Patricia and her now childless mother-in-law Vivian opt (for no logical reason) to abstain from telling Madeline baby Grace will be dead on arrival.  The fateful day arrives and (for no logical reason) baby Grace sputters back to life.  Except Grace isn’t like other babies.  She prefers hemoglobin to vitamin D, thus converting mamma Madeline into a hermit for, well, no logical reason.  Meanwhile the menopausal mother-in-law from hell, Vivian, is longing to have the inexplicably reanimated Grace all to herself.  Thus ensues a boring game of “Who Will Go to the Farthest Extreme to Take Care of the Zombie Baby Nobody Wanted in the First Place”?

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