Guest Music Review: Wrath, Lamb of God

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This review is brought to you by Randy Mull, whose not even one year old son is more metal than you are.  Previous reviews: Death Magnetic, The Crucible of Man.

Lamb of God
Rating 6 of 10
Bonus Tracks Go to 11

It is official, with the release of Wrath, Virginia metal heavyweights Lamb of God have sold out to the almighty metal fan.  Like many of their predecessors such as Exodus and Slayer, LOG has decided that taking chances and growing as an artist is far too big a risk.  Instead, they’ve written a straight forward boring thrash album which shows absolutely no interest in expanding their songwriting craft, shows they’ve lost their balls, and will now churn out the same album every 2 to 3 years.  The sad thing is Wrath isn’t a bad album.  It is just that with each new release LOG has shown tremendous growth and wow factor and I don’t think this album is up to their standards.  They simply seem to be going through the motions.

A brilliant instrumental, and one of the few non-recycled pieces of music, The Passing, opens the album.  Harmonized guitars over a mid-tempo beat are featured here and distinctly remind one of old-school Queensryche.  Unfortunately, The Passing is just that and only clocks in at two minutes and then fades into a steady decline in songwriting until the middle of the CD.  Songs such as Contractor and Set to Fail seem to be written purely to prove how metal we are.  Set to Fail even goes so far as to have blast beats.  Oooohhh, haven’t heard that in a metal song before.  There is nothing particularly wrong with these tracks.  They are good songs but nothing new reaches out to grab you either.  I blame this lack of adventure squarely on the shoulders of the Adler Brothers.  They can’t seem to get out of the mindset of having to be metal 24/7.

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