The Chronicles of Horror Movie Night: ‘Dead Dudes in the House’ (1991)

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After starting in Washington D.C. nine years ago Horror Movie Night has expanded to include chapters in Austin, Dallas and Chicago. Horror’s Not Dead’s own Brian Kelley is the originator and programmer of this illustrious weekly Wednesday night tradition which features a “classic” horror film. Each week I will be reviewing/commenting on the past week’s selection so do your best to find the film, most of which have not made it past VHS, and follow along. Better yet, start your own chapter!

Awesome New Kids on the Block-esque VHS Cover
This week our HMN feature had some build up based solely on the title. Once we began to watch, though, you could hear the sighs in surround sound. The second that opening Troma title card popped up it brought most watchers’ spirits down. Sometimes with this company, it’s a total crapshoot. They will release pretty much anything, and this goes for the stuff they film in-house as well. Still we remained hopeful and were treated to a fairly decent, but kind of boring, zombie tale with Dead Dudes in the House.

Press Release: Troma Presents 2 Disc SE Director’s Cut of COMBAT SHOCK.

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I’m not going to lie to you, my knowledge of Troma is, frankly. unsatisfactory.  I’ve never heard of COMBAT SHOCK, but my eyebrows peak when I read a press release quoting HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER director John McNaughton saying, “[COMBAT SHOCK] makes you want to slit your wrists.”

I’m not sure if that is an endorsement or a condemnation, but it is certainly an attention getter.   Well played, Troma.

Full press release below.

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