Terror Tuesday Forecast: Brain Damage

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Happy Monday! It’s time to take a sneak peek at this week’s Terror Tuesday fare. I’ve actually seen Brain Damage once before and…wasn’t terribly thrilled with it. I just found it a little too goofy and, dare I say, trashy to be enjoyable. However, I am all for giving movies like this a second chance and I have a feeling the 35mm print will offer more to appreciate visually than the lovingly worn VHS tape I had rented for my initial viewing.  Plus, gotta love the protagonist’s name, right? As always, the trailer is below. Brain Damage, we’ll see you next Tuesday!

Terror Tuesday Forecast: The Oracle

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Monday! Hooray! Back again with a look ahead at this week’s Terror Tuesday. When the happy occasion presents itself that I have absolutely no concept of the film being presented, I am therefore forced into the dubiously advantageous position of having to manufacture my entire understanding of the film from its trailer. When you watch the below trailer for 1985’s The Oracle, you may understand why I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified. Beyond all the horrendously poor ADR screaming that sounds like its coming out of a sick camel, my favorite misstep has to be the line, “are these spirits, like, dead people?” Nothing instills my confidence in a horror film more than a brain-dead, valley girl heroine. Oh boy, this could be interesting…

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