Et tu, ‘Cyber-Horror Elite’?

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You’ll recall that Brian at The Vault of Horror polled the LOTTD to aggregate a democratic Top 50 Horror Films of all time list.  While I wasn’t in harmony with the general consensus and placement (4 of my 10 made the cut), by no account was a single undeserving film in the top 10.  A few sites around the net took offense to the lack of criteria in the listing process, so The Vault set out to do another, dubbed the Modern Era, with a set standard: Top 10 since 1990.

Brian even branched out, polling beyond the LOTTD to include members of prominent horror outlets.  Talking with him before the results came in I had asked if he would mind me posting some predictions.  Sloth stepped in and that never happened, but my mental sticky note nailed the Top 3.

Correction:  Unfortunately, my mental sticky note nailed the Top 3.  I think you know where I’m going with this.

Of course THE DESCENT was number one.  I knew it would be, but that makes this no less painful.  I’ve railed time and time against the praise the movie has recieved; I need not repeat my bludgeoning of its mediocrity an Nth time.  All I ask is for a little perspective, folks.

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