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Directed by Lawrence Kasdan 2003
Written by Lawrence Kasdan, William Goldman based on Stephen King’s novel

There are people who love this movie.  Fans  of it band together like outcasts.  There are also battalions more who despise it, who wish it cancer.  Of this hate I am not unsympathetic.  Not that I actively like the movie, that I will join the minority who defend its harebrained, crank induced narrative war crimes.  No.  DREAMCATCHER is not a guilty pleasure of mine.  DREAMCATCHER is a stupid choice I make from time to time.

There is just something to it that lures me in.  The cast is great.  Tom Jane shows his enthusiasm once again.  Jason Lee is great.  Timothy Olyphant for once does not act solely with his eyebrows.  Always good to see Damian Lewis, if only because it makes me want to kick off a “BAND OF BROTHERS” marathon.  And then of course there is Donnie Wahlberg playing a mentally handicapped, irradiated logic loophole bipedal (or not) something or other.  Who the fuck really knows.  I don’t.  I haven’t read the book and enough time always passes between my viewings of it that by the time it comes round again I’ve convinced myself I can conquer it, that I’ll be the one to lasso its glossy bits and pieces together.

I am not.  I never am.  No one ever will be. 

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