Enjoy LET THE RIGHT ONE IN while I’ll be getting my head chopped off.

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God damn it all.

So I’m wandering over to Cinematical when I see a post from the only person named Weinberg who matters (nevermind that pussy Harvard Nobel laureate physicst Steven Weinberg) detailing the release plan for a little movie you may have heard of called LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.  You know, it’s that Swedish vampire movie more commonly referred to by non-physicsts who have seen it as the coolest fucking horror movie of 2008.

But let’s back track before sadness swept my hopes like The Nothing.  A few days ago I was driving around with my lovely fiance Christine talking about movies on the horizon when I mentioned LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, that it is vouched greatness but lamenting it had a limited release, a marketing term that roughly translates to ‘Fat Fucking Chance, Northern Virginia’.  I provided some relief, though, as I theorized that if it came anywhere around here, it would probably come to the Landmark E Street theater in DC; an underground (literally) theater that is worth the schlep.

Fast forward to two minutes ago, when I read said post and to my surprise…First day on the list: November 7th, Washington, DC: E Street Cinema.

Awesome!  Oh.  Wait.  I’ll be on travel for work in Cote d’Ivoire, AKA the Ivory Coast, AKA the delightful country about which the US State Department has these messages of encouragement:

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