Film4 Frightfest Lineup Looks Bloody Amazing!

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I may incite the occasional nugget of envy from readers when I speak frequently of the unchained awesomeness that is Fantastic Fest. While I am quite fortunate to live in Austin, TX and therefore able to attend this orgasmic movie geek gathering, I find myself turning a proverbial shade of green when I read up on international film festivals which I am consistently unable to attend due to the conspiring forces of time and finances. One of the biggest agents of my jealousy is U.K.’s Film 4 Frightfest. Apparently in no hurry to allay my envious rage, Frightfest has announced this year’s lineup.

The full story and lineup can be found here courtesy of our friends at Twitchfilm. Here at HND, we thought we’d break down a few of the more standout titles thusly…

Last Week in Horror News: July 12th to the 19th.

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Theatrical Trailers and Clips

Studio News and Attachments

  • SAW VII – Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are, of course, writing a seventh SAW movie.  A seventh SAW movie!!
  • WORLD WAR Z – J. Michael Straczynski’s screenplay for WORLD WAR Z is getting a rewrite from THE KINGDOM scribe Matthew Michael Carnahan, which I’m not so sure is a good sign since I recall Moriarty’s script review praising how Oscar worthy Straczynski’s was…
  • SCREAM 4 – Moves along with two Cox’ but no Campbell.
  • GRACE – Anchor Bay has picked up the much loved GRACE for a theatrical and DVD release!
  • RESIDENT EVIL 4 – Gets a bit more official with a start date and confirmation of Milla Jovovich’s return.
  • HACK/SLASH – Gets a new director, Fredik Bond, but still has Justin Marks writing the comic adaptation.
  • THE FLOCK – Prehistoric killer birds?  Game on!
  • CELL – Eli Roth is officially off of the project as it gets reborn in the form of a four hour miniseries.


  • LET ME IN – International sales posters confirm the new, shorter title of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.

Indie, Foreign and Random News

  • SENSE AND SENSIBILTY AND SEA MONSTERS – Someone needs to drive a stake into the heart of this whole “tack on monsters to classic novels whose copyright has lapsed” genre.  It’s lazy writing.
  • HARPER’S ISLAND – The ‘slasher as a TV show’ experiment won’t be having a second season, which is a pity since it had some decent word of mouth.
  • DARK COUNTRY – I actually had a dream about this movie last night, I suppose because I went to sleep after watching Tom Jane in HUNG.  Weird.
  • THE WICKER TREE – Robin Hardy’s sequel to his THE WICKER MAN is already filming.
  • TERATOMA – Ryuhei Kitamara moves on to body horror after MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN.
  • THE SHORTCUT – I laugh at this awful idea of what horror movies should be.

Non-Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • 12 BELLS – In which CUBE gets ripped off…
  • TRIANGLE – I’m hoping Christopher Smith’s latest film ends up getting a theatrical run in the states, but it isn’t confirmed at this point.
  • FRAYED – In which a homicidal son escapes an insane asylum…
  • STRIGOI – In which villagers comedically don’t know how to deal with a new vampire.

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