Engrish Makes Everything Better: Trailer for THE UNBELIEVABLE.

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Brace yourselves, what I’m about to show you is a trailer for THE UNBELIEVABLE, “A documentary film of an alternate dimension”.  If I understand things correctly, it’s just a feature length compilation of stuff from a television show chronicling maybe-but-probably-not true hauntings and what nots.  I actually saw part of the show in my hotel room when I was in Seoul and I can vouch that it’s, uh, interesting.

Not because it was believable.  No, far from it.  I remember one episode was centered around exorcising some kind of demon from a little girl.  I didn’t need subtitles to tell me that it was just a staged excuse for grown ups to throw water and spices at a little girl who couldn’t act while a crazy lady chanted in the corner.

I love Asia.

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