MEAT GRINDER Review [A Good Find For Gorehounds]

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Written and Directed by Tiwa Moeithaisong, 2009

I feel like I use the “I normally don’t like…” phrase often enough that it has lost a bit of its heft.  After a while one would think that enough qualifications of “normally don’t like” would mean that I do indeed like a specific type of film, but the reality is that I see so many dreadful movies of a certain kind that when I do finally feel motivated to write about one, it’s because it truly was an exception.  With that in mind… I normally don’t like hardcore gore films, but I dug the hell out of the Thai stomach churner, MEAT GRINDER.

Those who know my tastes know that I have a soft spot for Asian films, particularly of the Korean and Thai variety.   But even though I’m predisposed to liking Thai horror films, I typically don’t like their gore-heavy entries.  They have such a rich, superstitious culture worth delving into that it’s almost disappointing to watch them attempt to dabble in more Western flavors.  MEAT GRINDER, however, is a captivating blend of Thai ideology, particularly of family relationships and the subservient role of women in the home, mixed with a sickening mastery of nasty make-up effects that look as though they’ve slipped out of the darker side of European horror.  The title alone should give it away, but if you have a sensitive stomach, MEAT GRINDER will rip it out of your chest and make you eat it.

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