Terror Tuesday Report: The Manitou

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The Film

So you’re a piss-poor psychic operating out of your bachelor pad, conning old women out of their fixed incomes, when you learn that your old flame has an immortal Native American medicine man reincarnating himself in her neck and that this ancient being reborn has the power to bring about the end of the world as we know it.

Fuck. I hate it when that happens.

Terror Tuesday Forecast: The Manitou

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The roots of my excitement for this week’s film are threefold. First, it was directed by William Girdler who also directed Terror Tuesday alums Day of the Animals and Grizzly. I love both of these films wholeheartedly and the chance to see another entry from his canon is one I wouldn’t dare miss. Also, if you aren’t intrigued on some level by the plot synopsis of The Manitou alone, I weep for your having been born bereft of awesomeness. It’s about a tumor growing on a woman that turns out to be a Native American demon trying to return to our dimension. If that sentence didn’t convince you to see this film, read it again. And finally, I have tried to watch this film on three separate occasions and, through a series of unfortunate interruptions, have yet to be able to finish it. This week I will rectify this for good and all, and in 35mm no less. Peep the trailer below…

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