THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT trailer makes me go Hrrmmmmmm…

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I am not an ardent devotee of Wes Craven’s original THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.  My first viewing of it was a disturbing one, I won’t lie, but I’ve never felt the debt to its shock and awe the previous generation does.  I draw no enjoyment from it, just a respect for its contribution to the timeline.

The remake, which marks at least the fourth time Ingmar Bergman’s original film THE VIRGIN SPRINGS has been pillaged, has a trailer out now and I’m almost smitten.  It looks delicately shot, perfectly cast and updated enough to not be a beat-for-beat drubbing of the revenge tale.  It drips of the remake culture, particularly in the audience appeasing producer move to keep the daughter alive (at least for a bit longer, money says she dies in her Daddy’s arms), but I’m on the level with that seeing as I couldn’t care one way or the other if Craven’s original stayed a remake itself or became the remake source of a remake.

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