From the Producer of THE LAN, the Trailer for EXPERIMENT 7.

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Does the name Dwight Cenac mean anything to you?  No?  Of course not, but it means something to me.

Back when I was 19 I set out to write and direct a horror movie.  It was a complete piece of shit and even though a 45 minute cut of that supposed movie exists, the world will never see it outside of a DVD extra on a better film.  I didn’t have the talent nor the discipline to make a movie at that age, but I tried anyway.

The man who supplied the equipment for my follies was Dwight Cenac.  Complete and total stranger Dwight Cenac.  He was a friend of a friend and when the middle man between the two of us asked if Dwight, an aspiring actor and producer, wanted to make a movie. Well he up and drove from Jacksonville, FL to Manassas, VA with several thousand dollars worth of cameras, lights and wireless microphones and slept on strangers floors for two weeks to try and make it happen.

Though nothing I care to show ever came of my stillborn THE LAN, Dwight has consistently said he would like to remake it one day.  Since then all I’ve done is rewrite the movie a few dozen times in my head.  Dwight, on the other hand, has popped up all over the place.  His first big project was a STAR WARS fan film called SANDRIMA RISING, but now he’s gone and got himself a chunky role both in front of and behind the camera for Joe “100 TEARS” Davison’s newest film called EXPERIMENT 7.

I’m not saying that EXPERIMENT 7 looks like a masterpiece.  I’m not saying everything Dwight touches is gold.  But the man drove a thousand miles to help shoot a script I wrote, which forever earns him carte blanche for free plugs on HND.  So please, check out the trailer for his latest film and keep it in mind whenever it comes out for consumption.  Not that I’ll let such a day go by without a comparable post like this.

I am an insecure failure, send me to the glue factory. Fuck it, afk, taking on the world.

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[You are Entering a wormhole to what may as well be a LiveJournal entry]

That about sums my reaction to a chain of events earlier today that reminded me how terrible I am.  First, the preface, in case one or two of you who have yet to listen to me cry into my own glass of Jack:  When I was 18 I wrote a horror movie.  When I was 19, I tried to make that movie.  My woeful lack of preparation was rivaled only by my lack of talent.  There is no disputing the validity of its failure, only the magnitude of its retardation is up for grabs.

All the same, I still hold that it was a story worth telling, worth filming.  It has become my white whale.  I think about it every single day.  I’ve rewritten it 3 times in my head.  This last take, the one so close to being put back on paper, works, though.  I couldn’t be more excited about wanting to make the movie, but I just keep putting it off, keep finding things to do in my spare time other than rewrite THE LAN.  Which is inexcusably stupid considering one of the actors originally involved wants to throw at least 30 grand at a remake next year.

But I’ve never felt more confident that one day this site will host a trailer for a final, legit production of THE LAN than I have as I type this.  And the reason?  I found out someone else is working on a LAN party horror movie. 

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