Halloween White Elephant: The Janitor (2003)

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Poster for The Janitor

From Brian Kelley–“I’m a big fan of well-excuted micro-budget horror films. Sadly, there are very few. However, a few years back I somehow (the details are fuzzy) got in contact with the director of THE JANITOR after seeing the awesome looking trailer. He sent us a pre-release copy and the Horror Movie Night crew ate it up. It’s hilarious and gore filled in all the right ways. I truly hope Damon agrees that it’s a silly fun time.”

Not entirely sure how The Janitor escaped my radar, but it had. The cover looks vaguely familiar but that’s about the extent of my knowledge on this horror comedy effort. In watching I found that what you get is a pretty fun ride with some exaggerated characters, plenty of gore, and a few laughs.

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