THE HUNT Review. [Netflix Watch Instantly]

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Directed by Fritz Kiersch, 2006
Written by Fritz Kiersch, Danny Martin

Please bear with me, for this review is not like the others. Regardless, it is important for you to continue to reading, because in addition to pointing you in the direction of surprisingly good Instant Watch flicks, it is also my responsibility to sound the siren warning you to get the fuck in your basement or most interior room of your home and to not come out until I say so. THE HUNT is an example of when the latter is appropriate.

From the director of CHILDREN OF THE CORN comes a movie where two and a half men go into the woods for the purpose of filming an instructional hunting video (VHS of course) only to fail at killing any deer and instead discover aliens. Any marginally promising aspects to this storyline are quickly nullified by the first-person camerawork (I use the term “work” generously), horrid acting, and…uh…a complete disregard for the art of filmmaking.

Perhaps in an effort to appear original, THE HUNT takes place in 1999, even though it was made in 2006. It’s as if by claiming it took place the year THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT was released these guys are somehow absolved of the crime of being seven years late to the first-person party. Somehow I managed to not be fooled by this tactic.

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