Last Week in Horror News: March 1st to March 8th

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Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • PANDORUM – I’ll watch anything on a spaceship.

Studio News and Attachments

  • WORLD WAR Z – After the seizure that was QUANTUM OF SOLACE I want director Marc Forster as far away from Max Brooks’ novel as possible.  My fears are being confirmed:  IGN found he’s still working on the script.  Last I recall Moriarty was praising J. Michael Straczynski’s script up and down.  Has the woeful tinkering begun?
  • THE HUNGER GAMES – Just got picked up for adaptation.  Never heard of it, but now I’ll be heading to Amazon to grab this tale of a future in which counties must pay tribute by way of offering boys and girls for a televised death match.
  • WELCOME TO HOXFORD – 1492 Entertainment picked up the IDW comic series about werewolves who run an insane asylum…
  • THE HORSEMEN – Remember that Platinum Dunes flick about the apocalypse?  No?  Well it starred Dennis Quaid and recieved a chupacabra-esque release last week.


  • NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Jackie Earle Haley is exchanging a few words with Platinum Dunes over possibly taking on our favorite oven toasted pedophile.  I’m not convinced we’re that lucky.
  • HELLRAISER – Pascal Laugier reveals that his first draft is in and that his HELLRAISER will be a reboot combination of Barker’s film and the original HELLBOUND HEART novella.
  • RE-ANIMATOR – Remember the news that there was a 3-D remake of Stuart Gordon’s classic in the wings?  Well its bullshit.
  • HEBERT WEST: THE SERIES – Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the O.C.ification of Lovecraft’s entire works.
  • MOTEL HELL – Steven C. Miller of AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION says he’s doing a remake of MOTEL HELL for MGM.

Indie, Foreign and Random News

  • THE REVENANT – I was indifferent to the story of an Iraq vet resurrecting with a blood lust Stateside, until this bit from the official site, “Bart will learn that he must eventually embrace the path of his own horrific destiny… all while cruising in a 1979 Camaro with a surfboard on the roof.” Now I don’t know whether to laugh or set a time machine to its release.
  • MEGA SHARK VERSUS GIANT OCTOPUS – Starring not only Lorenzo Lamas but Debbie Gibson.  Yes, that Debbie Gibson.
  • IT’S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE – Is not actually a scary version of IT’S A WONDERFUL life, rather a horromedy about a mother who kills off unsuitable suitors for her daughter.

Non-Theatrical Trailers and Clips

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