Last Week in Horror News: March 22nd to the 29th.

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Theatrical Trailers and Clips


Studio News and Attachments

  • EVIL DEAD 4 – Sam Raimi admits to spitballing pages back and forth with brother Ivan for a hypothetical part 4.
  • THE GOON – David Fincher’s produced CGI adaptation of the comic is, apparently, not in actual production.
  • STRANGE ADVENTURES OF H.P. LOVECRAFT – Ron Howard is being courted to direct the adaptation of the ongoing comic series.
  • PSYCHO KILLER – Fred Durst is directing a script from Andrew Kevin Walker?!?!?  Is the apocalypse nigh?
  • NONSTOP – Len Wiseman will produce the plane abducted mid air flick for effects man turned director Patrick Tatopoulos.


  • NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Latino Review gives the script a review, praising it rather uniformly and pointing out a few of the new introductions.
  • THE THING – The man who did the rewrite for NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is also doing the rewrite on THE THING, after Universal shrugged Ronald D. Moore to the side.
  • H2 – Rob Zombie is ditching the Carpenter score?

Indie, Foreign, and Random News

  • WORST CASE SCENARIO – Don’t worry, the movie with the greatest promo real ever is still not anywhere close to being finished.
  • THE GRAVES – I do not believe that either of these girls love Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman.
  • THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT – Directed by C. Thomas Howell.  ’nuff said.

Non-Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • THE TELLING – Starring one of the ex-GIRLS NEXT DOOR.
  • THE DEAD – One of the more interesting looking zombie flicks out in the indie world, methinks.
  • SKELETON CREW – DVD Art and trailer.
  • PSALM 21 – Teaser

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