Terror Tuesday Report: The Burning Moon (1997)

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Editor’s Note: Usually we like to post Terror Tuesday Reports on the Tuesday following the screening, but the overwhelming and intense insanity of THE BURNING MOON actually put our intrepid writer, Noah, into a blood coma. When he awoke, this post had somehow found its own way onto the site. Enjoy.

The Film

Terror Tuesday is a celebration of horror movies on 35mm film, so when our host Zack Carlson announced he was showing The Burning Moon it was a bit of a shock. This German movie was shot on video so it really only exists in a digital format. I missed the previous week’s showing, but apparently when announcing he was showing The Burning Moon, Carlson told people specifically not to come see it. Not only is it shot on video but it’s also such an extreme gut punch that they would just hate it. He probably said it much more cleverly than I (and this is why we love Zack), but you get the idea. Regardless, expectations were that the audience would be thin and there would be walk outs, so the movie was shown in the much smaller Alamo Ritz theater that only holds 70 people.

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