Terror Tuesday Forecast: Invasion of the Bee Girls

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Well it’s Monday again, sorry to say, so it’s once again time for the Terror Tuesday Forecast. Let’s take a peek at the film that will be playing this week at the grand ole Alamo Drafthouse upon that most advantageous of weekdays. Take a gander at the trailer for Invasion of the Bee Girls

The first thing that stands out to me about this trailer is how sexually-charged it is. It’s not simply a matter of content that is more sex-centric, but there appears to be some sexual politics at play as well. This doesn’t surprise me as this week’s Terror Tuesday will be hosted by Weird Wednesday curator Lars Nilsen. Weird Wednesday, by virtue of its not being confined to one genre and instead operating under the ambiguous umbrella of the “weird,” has the ability to explore more diverse flavors of film. That being said, and I don’t mean this in any context other than one of reverence and respect, Lars has a penchant for sexploitation and I love that he was able to find a movie that seems to comfortably straddle the horror and sexploitation genres. I am thoroughly excited to step ever-so-slightly out of the normal wheelhouse of Terror Tuesday.

Terror Tuesday Forecast: The Howling III: The Marsupials

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First, let me apologize for the lack of Terror Tuesday coverage last week. Due to the madness of SxSW, and the fact that both the theaters at the Alamo Ritz were requisitioned for the festival, there was actually no Terror Tuesday last week. I’m not saying that if there had been I would have been able to attend, and thus the result would have been the same, but it’s nice to have an excuse that absolves me of blame. Last week I briefly mentioned a documentary called Not Quite Hollywood in reference to a misconception I had about last week’s (read week before last’s) film. While Sole Survivor turned out to not be one of the films featured in the aforementioned doc about Australian genre movies, this week’s selection definitely was.

Behold the trailer for The Howling III: The Marsupials. I am confident this film will be subpar in quality but will provide an abundance of cheap laughs; in the end, that’s all I really ask.


Terror Tuesday Forecast: Sole Survivor

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Part of me wanted to start this post preemptively and emphatically dispelling any possible misconceptions that Terror Tuesday would be showing a made-for-TV Dean Koontz adaptation from 2000, but then I realized I too was operating under a misconception. In the documentary Not Quite Hollywood, which if you haven’t seen you should watch on Instant Netflix right stinking now, one of the many Australian genre films discussed was an airline disaster movie I thought was called Sole Survivor.

The film is about a passenger flight that crashes leaving the bewildered captain as the…well, you know. The hook of the film is that the spirits of the passengers blame him for their untimely death and seek their revenge from beyond the grave. But that’s not the film we’re seeing either, that movie is called The Survivor. The movie we’ll be seeing is actually a remake of the Australian film which would explain the similarities between the trailers. I am honestly looking forward to this one more than I was before being aware of this connection.   Check out the trailer below and we’ll see you next Tuesday.

Terror Tuesday Forecast: Brain Damage

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Happy Monday! It’s time to take a sneak peek at this week’s Terror Tuesday fare. I’ve actually seen Brain Damage once before and…wasn’t terribly thrilled with it. I just found it a little too goofy and, dare I say, trashy to be enjoyable. However, I am all for giving movies like this a second chance and I have a feeling the 35mm print will offer more to appreciate visually than the lovingly worn VHS tape I had rented for my initial viewing.  Plus, gotta love the protagonist’s name, right? As always, the trailer is below. Brain Damage, we’ll see you next Tuesday!

Terror Tuesday Forecast: The Oracle

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Monday! Hooray! Back again with a look ahead at this week’s Terror Tuesday. When the happy occasion presents itself that I have absolutely no concept of the film being presented, I am therefore forced into the dubiously advantageous position of having to manufacture my entire understanding of the film from its trailer. When you watch the below trailer for 1985’s The Oracle, you may understand why I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified. Beyond all the horrendously poor ADR screaming that sounds like its coming out of a sick camel, my favorite misstep has to be the line, “are these spirits, like, dead people?” Nothing instills my confidence in a horror film more than a brain-dead, valley girl heroine. Oh boy, this could be interesting…

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