Halloween White Elephant: Terror Tract (2000)

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From Damon–“I’m a big fan of anthology films and this is one that I saw via a VHS screener sent to the mom-and-pop video store where I worked years ago. There isn’t anything too special about this and the three stories but I love the Bryan Cranston middle segment with the curious little monkey. My favorite thing about this film, by far, is the wrap-around story with the late, great John Ritter as a realtor giving the gruesome history of the house. Ritter was the best and it always made me happy the few times he graced our beloved genre with his presence.”

It’s a good thing Terror Tract starts off tongue-in-cheek with a hilarious early bird gets the worm/early cat get the bird/early dog gets the cats/early car gets the dog segment. One wouldn’t want to mistake the film as being a serious attempt at anthology horror, would they? Certainly not with John Ritter playing a real estate agent with a shit-eating grin and undying loyalty to the rule of full disclosure, much to the detriment of his ability to sell a house to a young, innocent (read: stupid looking) couple. Turns out there’s a reason Ritter’s realtor character is so anxious to ink a deal. More on that later, though.

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