Terror Tape of the Day: Superstition

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Here at HND, we are die-hard advocates of VHS. Many of us are collectors of these ancient relics of a better, purer, more exciting time in horror history while the rest of us just marvel at the artistry of the VHS cover art. With that in mind, we started this daily feature to celebrate all that is great about the hand-painted monsters and gorgeous gruesomeness that used to grace the boxes on the shelves of our local videostores. Many of these films never made the jump to DVD, and many more did make the jump, but at the expense of the spectacular cover art. So fast forward past the bump to take a gander; no need to adjust your tracking.

Today’s Terror Tape is…

Terror Tuesday Report: Superstition (AKA The Witch)

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The Film

A young priest helps prepare a long-abandoned house on church property to be rented by a family. A series of terrible accidents, and the ravings of a mad old woman who also resides on the property leads the priest to believe something from the property’s ancient past may to blame. As it turns out, in the 17th Century, a woman was condemned as a witch and drowned in a nearby pond. So guess who’s been holding a 200 year grudge? Can our young priest cast the spirit of this devil’s mistress back into the confines of the consecrated pond? Will the evil witch claim yet another victim? How hard would it have been to conjure up the spirit of a goddamn editor?

Terror Tuesday Forecast: Superstition (AKA The Witch)

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When a movie has dueling titles, I am immediately on board. When a movie smacks of bargain-basement versions of all three of the Holy Italian Triumvirate (Bava, Fulci, Argento), I am in. When a trailer finally provides me the solution to a years-old mystery that had been truly vexing me, I am so completely in. Such is the case with this week’s Terror Tuesday selection: Superstition alias The Witch. Just try not to enjoy the ooey, gooey trailer below. Oh, by the way, the mystery involves the scene in which a saw blade bounds across a room and kills a priest. This was a shot I always mistakenly assumed was from Roger Corman’s The Evil. When I discovered my error, I could not for the life of me remember where I had seen it. Thank you Terror Tuesday, now I can sleep again.

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