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Written and Directed by Steven Kostanski, 2008

Einstein is back from the dead again(!) in LAZER GHOSTS 2: RETURN TO LASER COVER, a timeless 2008 sequel to Canadian auteur Steven Kostanski’s own groundvaporizing subversive classic. Our unsung hero of heroes Trance (Matthew Kennedy) is still shaken up over the death of his best friend Bennedict when a slew of new murders begin to crop up. Detective Stamp, a cop so rogue he makes Harvey Keitel look like the pope, suspects Trance is involved with the mutilations. Who else would be so cold as to cauterize giant chest wounds with “fuckin’ lasers”?

Einstein, of course! The Menace from Württemberg has returned from his first go around, this time (after)hellbent on constructing the perfect laser. That’s right; a green laser! Piling saltiest of salt on rubbed raw wounds is the return of slain pal Bennedict, sent from the afterlife to join the new ragtag squad of apocalypse haters; Trance, Ghost Bennedict, Detective Stamp and a sultry scientist Chase Jones (Meredith Sweeney).

There is no subtle way to put this: LAZER GHOSTS 2: RETURN TO LASER COVE is Grade A+++, Top Shelf, Genre Warping perfection that I would have no difficulty believing strolled across an Einstein-Rosen Bridge from 1986. Steven Kostanski’s brilliance radiates from page and screen. A wiley-but-intimate understanding of the niche we live in is rarely this flawless in final video product. Give LG2:RTLC 9 minutes and 19 seconds of your time and your week – nay, your month(!) will be made. A band of Laser Ghosts could have just killed your family, punted your dog and broken your leg and even still, seeing this will cure all your woes. I’m no Chase Jones, but I do believe that watching it has been proven to mend a shattered tibia.

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