The Chronicles of Horror Movie Night: Venom (1981)

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After starting in Washington D.C. nine years ago Horror Movie Night has expanded to include chapters in Austin, Dallas and Chicago. Horror’s Not Dead’s own Brian Kelley is the originator and programmer of this illustrious weekly Wednesday night tradition which features a “classic” horror film. Each week I will be reviewing/commenting on the past week’s selection so do your best to find the film, most of which have not made it past VHS, and follow along. Better yet, start your own chapter!

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Who are you and what the hell have you done with my Horror Movie Night?!Not that this is a bad thing necessarily, but on occasion our weekly trip into the horrific side of cinema gets a little classy. Usually we are watching the trashy, campy, or just plain odd films of the 70s and 80s so we know where to keep our expectations. Then a film like Piers Haggard’s Venom from 1981 and it screws up the curve. It’s all good though, we still get to watch a great movie full of some crazy performances and at least a few giggle-worthy moments along the way.

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