Fantastic Fest: Short Fuse: Horror Shorts

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Thank You, Jesus! (2010)
Directed By: Free
Run Time: 6 Minutes
Country: USA

Two lovers are taking a nature walk that goes horribly awry while discussing love and existence. it includes a foreign language speaking squirrel, a mud man, and the best quote of the Short Fuse program. When all is said and done you will say “Thank You, Jesus. It’s over.”

Incubator (2011)
Directed By: Jimmy Weber
Run Time: 7 Minutes
Country: USA

Bloody bathroom scenes with a tub of ice usually indicate a kidney or other organ has been removed. This short flips this type of horror story on its ear, by using the subject as an incubator. What is really interesting about this short is that there is a strong female presence without seeing the female transgressor. This is one of the most interesting shorts in the horror short program.

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