Terror Tuesday Report: The Visitor

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The Film

Terror Tuesday host Zack Carlson has a brilliant way of building up the anticipation for the films we’re about to see. In this week’s Terror Tuesday, he told us a story of a director named Giulio Paradisi, a man who felt he had a unique film and didn’t want to be saddled with the stereotypes that had developed toward Italian horror directors. To combat against these stereotypes, he changed his name to Michael J. Paradise, a name worthy of even the sleaziest car salesman or, in this case, a very strange director.

Very loosely, the story is centered on an 8-year-old girl with telekinetic powers and then switches focus to the battle between good and evil. Katy is a unique child, carrying within her the power of Sateen, and her primary mission on earth is to carry this power forward, a task accomplished by convincing her mother Barbara to bear a similarly endowed male child with whom Katy would eventually mate with. Representing good is an old man who comes complete with his own theme music that sounds like something straight out of a Blaxploitation film. He’s been sent forth to Earth by Jesus, who lives in space and tells stories to children about the impending doom that Katy represents. Believe it or not it gets even crazier than that.

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