Terror Tuesday Forecast: Invasion of the Bee Girls

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Well it’s Monday again, sorry to say, so it’s once again time for the Terror Tuesday Forecast. Let’s take a peek at the film that will be playing this week at the grand ole Alamo Drafthouse upon that most advantageous of weekdays. Take a gander at the trailer for Invasion of the Bee Girls

The first thing that stands out to me about this trailer is how sexually-charged it is. It’s not simply a matter of content that is more sex-centric, but there appears to be some sexual politics at play as well. This doesn’t surprise me as this week’s Terror Tuesday will be hosted by Weird Wednesday curator Lars Nilsen. Weird Wednesday, by virtue of its not being confined to one genre and instead operating under the ambiguous umbrella of the “weird,” has the ability to explore more diverse flavors of film. That being said, and I don’t mean this in any context other than one of reverence and respect, Lars has a penchant for sexploitation and I love that he was able to find a movie that seems to comfortably straddle the horror and sexploitation genres. I am thoroughly excited to step ever-so-slightly out of the normal wheelhouse of Terror Tuesday.

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