Terror Tuesday Report: The Thrill Killers

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The Film

There’s a charming, bumbling incompetence on display in The Thrill Killers. It’s the same high energy, passionate camp that flows through the veins of so much 1950s ans 1960s genre cinema: movies that lack polish, structure and relatable characters but more than make up for those deficiencies with a delightful “Let’s Put On A Show!” flavor. Movies like this get made only because the people making them really, really wanted to make a movie. It’s what allows us to laugh with Ed Wood films instead of at them: there’s a soul beneath the cardboard sets and wooden acting.

That same soul exists in The Thrill Killers — that soul just happens to be pitch black and oozing hateful, nihilistic puss, ready to stab a nun to death after burning down an orphanage. Come to giggle at the shoddy craftsmanship, stay for the sequences of soul-crushing evil.

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