HAMMER GLAMOUR Review. [Hammer Time!]

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Written by Marcus Hearn
Published by Titan Books.

Hammer Studios doesn’t really get the credit they deserve for creating the modern scream queen.  Our recent horror beauties like Julianna Guill and Betsy Rue owe a debt of gratitude to the British studio, who pioneered the inclusion of gratuitous cheesecake forevermore into horror films, for better or worse.  Hammer’s leading ladies, often fashion models making a detour into acting, became an integral part of Hammer’s marketing and are some of the best remembered visuals from Hammer’s body of film.

Titan Books’ HAMMER GLAMOUR serves as a companion book to author Marcus Hearn’s terrific THE HAMMER STORY, but it’s also of interest to any movie fan who appreciates the bygone sensuality of vintage glamour models.  This exhaustive hardback “coffee table” book boasts hundreds of full-color photographs–casual shots, set photos, and publicity stills–of pretty much every actress to ever work for the studio.  The book is categorized in alphabetical order, from Ursula Andress (SHE) to Raquel Welch (ONE MILLION YEARS B.C.), the greatest pair of bookends you could ever asked to be sandwiched between, providing informative biographies and “where are they now” information for even Hammer’s most obscure starlets.

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