Scary Madison Takes a Shortcut, Also Makes a Horror Movie

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From now on I’ll be posting links to anything I write at HorrorSquad here on HND.  They’ll appear as entires, but when you click the ‘Read More’ link on the main page, it’ll go straight to  The re-direction post, like this one, will still exist on HND for comments etc, just click on the Post Title instead of Read More.

So if you see anything in the Horror Squad category, that’s whats up.

Horror 2008, a Retrospective: Part 5, News & Events

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Not necessairly the most important headlines of 2008 (yes, the writer’s strike ended), rather the, “Oh, I remember that” variety.  Note there is no chronological order to the listing of these events, the majority of which are derived from the creation/cessation of various production houses with the potential to shape the horror flow for the next few years.

Part 1: January to March.
Part 2: April to June.
Part 3: July to September.
Part 4: October to December.
Part 5: Events.
Part 6: Awards. (coming)

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