Introducing HND’s Halloween White Elephant!

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Can you feel it? That palpable fervor in the air, that eerie drop in temperature and the prevalence of scores of leaves on the ground means that October is here, and our favorite holiday is right around the corner. To celebrate the coming of another glorious Samhain, we here at Horror’s Not Dead decided to put a sick twist on a tired old convention normally reserved for Christmas. To wit, I give you the nastiest blood-soaked gift exchange to ever disgrace the spirit of giving. Welcome to the Horror’s Not Dead Halloween White Elephant.

How Does It Work?

Each member of the staff was randomly assigned another staff member for whom he would select four horror films. These may be films the person choosing believes their designated staff member hasn’t seen or just favorites of their own or just films to which they want to mercilessly subject their designated staffer. Every week day in October we will post another review as our staff makes their way through their assigned films. With each review, we will also post the assigner’s reasons for selecting that film for that viewer. Confused yet? Ok, let’s break it down like a fraction…

Let’s say I’ve been assigned Jacob Hall. I would tell Jacob Hall to watch Bubba Ho-Tep without telling him why. But then when Jacob watches Bubba Ho-Tep and posts his review, my reasons for choosing this film for him will appear at the top of that review. This should be a fun way for each of us to reveal what we know, or criminally misunderstand, about each other as horror fans. Tomorrow we will post the first review and we think you’ll have fun following along. If not, I would encourage you to please please please watch as many horror films as possible this month just for good measure.

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