Terror Tuesday Report: The Hitcher

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The Film

The Hitcher is the bastard son of Sergio Leone and John Carpenter, abandoned in a ditch to be discovered and raised by the B-movie circus. It’s a rare combination of the trashy and the sophisticated, walking a fine line between beautiful and disgusting. It’s too sick, too twisted to be classy, yet too gorgeously shot and well acted to be tossed in the bargain bin. That may sound like I’m describing a film with an identity crisis, but the real joy of The Hitcher is how well all of its various intentions gel together.

The set-up is pure horror pulp: a young man traveling across the country picks up a hitchhiker in the middle of rural Texas, realizes too late that he’s a murderous psychopath and spends the duration of the movie playing cat and mouse with the man as he transforms his life into something resembling Hell.

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