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Directed by Bob Clark, 1979
Written by Roy Moore

Welcome back to AYIF.  Today’s film epitomizes why I started this project in the first place: to mine obscurity and strike paydirt!  I love horror films and have since I was a kid.  While I have grown to be picky, even a bit snobby, on the subject, it is a genre with which I find a comfortable familiarity.  Horror is the gateway drug for my full on film addiction.  I moved to Austin because I wanted to expand my horizons and find my new favorites.  BLACK CHRISTMAS will definitely occupy one of those spots.

BLACK CHRISTMAS takes place just after Labor Day.  Not really, just making sure you’re paying attention.  In lieu of spoilers, enjoy this hopelessly vague synopsis.  It’s the holiday season and we follow one local sorority preparing for their Christmas break.  Some are packing to go home, others are decking the halls, and still others are simply drinking spirits right.  But amid all the festive frivolity, the girls receive numerous phone calls featuring disturbing voices and threats.  They don’t think much of it until unexplained sounds and shadows find their way inside the house.  Who is the mysterious figure lurking outside?  Will our sorority sisters be slaughtered before sunrise?

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