A Feature Suggestion for THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT Blu-ray.

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The thought first inadvertently occurred to me when I was watching Iliadis’ LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT a week ago.  I’m no projectionist and thusly cannot explain the phenomenon, but something in the apparatus was damaged, blasting scratches across the print for the entirety of its unspooling.  It bestowed upon the film a weird authenticity, a temporal time warp more tactile than the forced post-production effects that intentionally mauled GRINDHOUSE.  I was annoyed at first, but the distraction waned.  I dug the grit.

I have since wondered as to the practicality of including such an effect on the inevitable Blu-ray release.  It would be one hundred percent optional, of course, but I can’t imagine a reason why it shouldn’t be included.  I’m not talking over-the-top film deformities and melted strips, just dust, dots and scratches here and there.  It’d be any easy implementation, the tech behind Blu-ray would allow for such real-time processed video overlays, so there’s no hold up on that end.  It may even be possible to randomize it every time.  Also I can’t think of a similar gimmick yet,  may be the first time such a feature was put in place, so Rogue Pictures already has marketing copy for the press release.

I don’t want faux-age applied to every film, but ’tis an organic fit with LAST HOUSE, no?  Let’s give it a go, eh, Rogue?  Whatchya got to lose?

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