SUCK Review [SXSW2010 Roundup]

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Written and Directed by Rob Stefaniuk, 2010

The horror comedy is a beast easy to break and fickle to tame. When it’s done right, the mixture of laughter and white knuckles can be a blissful, riotous night at the movies. When it’s done wrong, however, well, you end up walking out of the theater with a white-knuckled clenched fist. And as we all know by now, the horror comedy is broken far more often than it’s tamed.

That said, SXSW is batting a thousand this year. Their midnight slate kicked off with the highly amusing and blood-splatter loving Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, kept things going with the note-perfect Australian wunderkind The Loved Ones, and then capped things off rather nicely with Suck, a fun and charming little import from Canada about a struggling band that coincidentally begins to find an audience once one of their band members starts fearing the sunlight and starts living off the blood of groupies and roadies. Now before you let out a justifiable groan at the idea of yet another vampire movie, you should know two things about Rob Stefaniuk’s film.

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