Terror Tuesday Report: Revenge From Planet Ape

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The Film

Revenge From Planet Ape isn’t very good, but not for the reasons you’re probably expecting. The title suggests that this 1971 Spanish film was made to capitalize on the gargantuan success of the Planet of the Apes series and that it’s just a lame rip-off cash-in good-for-nothin’ imitation of an American success. Nah, ripping off American films is the Italians‘ job. Revenge From Planet Ape is not the real title of this film — it was the third or fourth title, slapped on after the film had previously bombed two or three times under more accurate titles. Naturally, someone thought that tricking the American moviegoing public by making them think this Spanish zombie movie was a a Planet of the Apes was a fine plan indeed. And here we are.

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