Cruelest Schwag Ever? Capcom Teases Internet With Zombie Shirt.

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As picked up on, Joystiq put up some pictures of the Coolest. Shirt. Ever.  A shirt so cool, chances are you’ll not only never own one, but you’ll never see one.  That’s just mean.

Unless you’re going to the San Diego Comic Con that is, in which case you can just stop by Capcom’s booth and take part in their RESIDENT EVIL: THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES promotion where they’ll be giving a free shirt to anyone who plays a round of the Wii game in co-op.  How insufferable.

In case you can’t tell from the picture, the shirt in question is of relatively inconspicuous design until you flip it over your head, at which point you’re instantly turned into a member of the T-virus’ horde (or whatever letter virus that series is up to these days).  Yeah, you’d kinda look like a moron doing so, but, hey, I’m just waiting for a flash mob of people wearing the shirt to start dancing to Thriller.

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