Introducing The Roving Eye: ‘Young, Violent, Dangerous’

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What the hell is The Roving Eye, and what is it doing here? A fair question, if rudely phrased. Here at HND our passion for the genre tends to restrict us, often under penalty of death from The Old One, to only writing about horror. While this is an acceptable edict for any website model in our opinion, there are times when we wish we could bring you coverage of great genre films that don’t fall into the horror category. So we consulted the ancient tomes, engaged in dark meditation, and made many, many sacrifices to Cthulhu.  Finally we were granted permission to introduce HND’s one-and-only non-horror column. Every week(ish), The Roving Eye will introduce you to a film you’ve probably never heard of that will feature either gangsters, aliens, sorcerers, samurais, martial arts, superheroes, or roaring muscle cars…or, fingers crossed, all of the above. Ladies and madmen, I give you The Roving Eye.

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