Paleontologists Keep Giving the SyFy Channel Free Material.

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A few months ago researchers unearthed the monstrous skeleton of a 42 foot long gigantosnake and conveniently named in Titanoboa.  I just now came across the news, but a few months earlier paleontologists uncovered the fossilized skeleton of a, “massive sea monster“.

With a head not unlike the modern crocodile, this 45 tonne behemoth of the seas was 50 feet long and would have possessed a jaw strength equivalent to that used by industrial machinery to crush cars for recycling.  In case the Most Dangerous Night of Television couldn’t come up with a catchy name for the gargantuan Pliosaur, the Norwegian brains what dug it up went ahead and called it Predator X.

One may safely presume it was extinct, but it is still a safe rule to get the fuck out of the ocean.

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