THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, Review – Editing Room Scares for Kids.

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Directed by Peter Cornwell, 2009
Written by Adam Simon & Tim Metcalfe

I could recommend THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT to any 13 year old boy or girl.  I stress that I could make such a recommendation, but I don’t know any 13 year olds and even if I did, I’m not sure I’d want to recommend it to them.  There is so much more to enjoy in the world, so much more to get thrills from.  I don’t want to complain that THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT sucks because I’ve seen all of this stuff before.  Though that is a true statement, it wouldn’t be fair and it is too obvious.  Yes, I’ve seen it all, but this PG-13 Hollywood fare is not made for me nor is it marketed to me.  Yet because I’m the kind of horror guy who eventually ends up seeing everything, in an ancillary way, it was made for me.

That being the roundabout case, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT sucks.  I’ve seen this all before, you’ve seen it all before.  Shrug.  I guess it had to be said.  This is just another in a string of “Based on a True Story so Long as You Don’t Know how to use Wikipedia” films, which is probably my least respected horror niche right behind torture porn.  I’m not sure anything in horror annoys me more than cavalier use of the “Based on a True Story” market bait, so HIC was, to be honest, running a fixed race to begin with.  I’m not going to apologize for that though.  It’s not my fault I’ve got a brain.

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