Vote/Settle for 1 of 3 Ugly NIGHT OF THE CREEPS DVD covers. Also see what should have been.

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I was fortunate enough to attend the NIGHT OF THE CREEPS re-union screening a few weeks ago, which was the first time Fred Dekker, Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow, and Tom Atkins had ever watched the movie together.  The event was a blast, the print was pristine, the movie (also the first time the director’s cut had been shown theatrically) was a riot as always, but cherry atop a mountain of cherries was the Q&A afterward.

As I recall, no one asked too many details about the DVD, most likely safe from the knowledge that the disc’s producer, whose name escapes me, is the same geeky gent who brought that inspired THE MONSTER SQUAD two-disc set to the world.  Had someone in the audience been with a time machine, I think that would have changed.

Amazon is running a contest wherein voters get to elect the NIGHT OF THE CREEPS DVD cover.  Keep in mind when you look at the three monstrousities that this is the first time Fred Dekker’s now cult classic is, legitimately, available on DVD.  Even the bootleg had a better cover than this.

Scratch that, the bootleg had a much, much better cover:

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