Horror News: Joan Allen Thinks She Has ‘A Good Marriage’

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Stephen King was my first real entrance into the world of horror. When I was in ninth grade, I convinced my English teacher to let me read The Stand for my assigned reading, even though it wasn’t “AP-approved.” My powers of persuasion may rival those of Randall Flagg, but I digress.

Joan Allen will star in the King adaptation (adapted by the master himself) of A Good Marriage. The story was a part of King’s recent collection Full Dark, No Stars. The tale finds a woman alone in her home while her husband of twenty years is away on business. While searching for batteries in the garage, she discovers a wooden box hidden under the work bench. What she finds is “a horrifying discovery, rendered with bristling intensity, and it definitively ends a good marriage.”

Full Dark, No Stars currently sits on my list of books to read, in a queue behind many others (I think I may have a problem), but I may just have to move this one up a bit, because filming will begin sometime in October.

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Horror News: New One-Sheet for ‘The Collection’

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Throughout my education and training, I have always been taught to watch for the smallest details.

The international one-sheet for The Collection, the sequel to The Collector, has been released. The film is directed by Marcus Dunstan, who also co-wrote the film with Patrick Melton. After escaping from the Collector, protagonist Arkin (Josh Stewart) is kidnapped by a team of mercenaries hired by the father of another victim by the name of Elena. Arkin is forced to assist the mercenaries in the rescue of Elena by infiltrating the Collector’s hideout, which has been laden with deadly traps.

Click past the bump to see the one-sheet

Horror News: The Weekly Offering

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Welcome, mortals, to The Weekly Offering. Here, we present our dark gifts in hopes that we please the Ancient Ones, that they might spare us. They are satisfied with our humble sacrifices of news, images, reviews, and commentary through the week, but on Fridays, they desire more. Their weekends, their unholy Sabbath, know no bounds. And so, to satisfy their bloodlust, as well as yours, we bring you these short, savory offerings.


Hide Your Kids; La Llorona is Returning to Universal Halloween Horror Nights

We gave you a taste of what is waiting for you at Universal Halloween Horror Nights this year. And now, we’re bringing you another way you might die in central Florida. Universal has announced the return of one of last year’s most terrifying characters: La Llorona.

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time living in central Texas, as I have, is familiar with the legend of La Llorona, although you may know her by a different name. La Llorona, or the Weeping Woman, is the story of a young girl scorned by the man she loves who drowns her children in a creek. From here, I’ve heard many different versions. Sometimes, she commits suicide. Sometimes, dies from grief. Either way, she haunts the region, her tortured soul crying out for her lost children.

The maze will take you through a labyrinth of her victims. The intent is to provide a journey through the nightmares of a child’s mind. If my own childhood nightmares are any indication, then this is likely going to be one of the most terrifying haunted houses ever constructed.

Horror News: You May Go Into Shock After Seeing These ‘Aftershock’ Pics

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What is it that holds society together?

I would hypothesize that the answer to that question has changed over time. A thousand years ago, it was stone. Today, it’s concrete and steel. And no, I am not speaking in just a literal sense. When the great societies that we have built begin to crumble around us, how long will it take before we as a species descend into animalistic violence?

If you have to ask that question, you clearly have not been watching enough horror films. Or your faith in humanity is much too strong. Either way, remedy that immediately.

Horror News: Journey to Universal Studios to Visit ‘Silent Hill’

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Every Halloween season, I make my pilgrimage to any haunted house of repute that I can afford to attend. My ultimate goal is to feel absolute fear, confront it, slay it, and triumph over it. As I get older, and as my mind grows harder to the horrors I face at my day job, it becomes more difficult for anything to scare me. But I always keep my eye out for the next challenge.

And I think I may have found it.

I will admit I have never played any of the Silent Hill games, but I have heard many good things about them, particularly the older ones. I have heard them described as exactly the type of claustrophobic, suffocating, paranoia-inducing, slow-tension-building horror that I am drawn to. And the series does have one other good thing going for it. It is the only video game-to-movie adaptation I have ever thought of as not just a competent film, but also one that I actually enjoyed. The story was formula, but the tone and the imagery was haunting, surreal, and disturbing. And, I’m not gonna lie, I really dug the ending.

And now, Universal Studios is bringing Silent Hill to Halloween Horror Nights. On select dates from September 21st to October 31st, you will be able to visit the most infamous haunted town in digital media. But, remember…

“This is not a game. This is not a movie. This is real.”

Horror News: The Weekly Offering

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Welcome, mortals, to The Weekly Offering. Here, we present our dark gifts in hopes that we please the Ancient Ones, that they might spare us. They are satisfied with our humble sacrifices of news, images, reviews, and commentary through the week, but on Fridays, they desire more. Their weekends, their unholy Sabbath, know no bounds. And so, to satisfy their bloodlust, as well as yours, we bring you these short, savory offerings.


New Images From Rob Zombie’s ‘The Lords of Salem’

Like him or not, you have to admit that Rob Zombie certainly makes an interesting horror film.

His latest project, The Lords of Salem, which still has yet to received a release date, has released four new photos. The film seems to be taking on a more supernatural style compared to his previous films. During the infamous Salem witch trials, many innocent people were tried as witches and executed. However, four real witches who were subjected to the same punishment swore revenge. Three hundred years later, a radio DJ unwittingly brings about a curse upon the modern city.

Check out the images below, and let’s hope that Mr. Zombie continues to bring us original works, and stays away from classics like Halloween.




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Tugg is Bringing ‘Bait’ to a Flooded Cinema Near You

No film about sharks will ever beat Jaws. No, no they won’t. Shut up, you know I’m right.

But that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t at least try. Director Kimble Rendall is making such an attempt with Bait 3D from Anchor Bay Films. A tsunami roars ashore and floods a small town, trapping several people inside a flooded grocery store. They soon learn that it’s not the water they have to worry about, but rather the great white shark that is swimming through the aisles.

This reminds me of a thought I once had when I was seven years old and visiting a natural history museum. The museum had a tank with a few small sharks in it. I always loved this section of the museum, because it was the first time I had seen sharks in real life. During one visit (yes there were multiple ones, I’m a nerd), I had the sudden mental image of the tank shattering, the room filling with water, and the sharks biting off my feet. Hey, I was a kid!

So, naturally, the concept of this film does hold some allure. I can only hope that it is more Piranha 3D and less Shark Night 3D. In other words, it needs to be fun, and not try to take itself too seriously. The cast makes me raise an eyebrow, with credits including Step Up 3D and Twilight, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Do you have any interest in seeing limbs ripped apart in the frozen food section? Then you should check out Tugg. If you’ve never heard of the site, it allows film fans to have a say in what movies come to their local cinemas. With enough support, you can bring Bait 3D and other films to your eagerly awaiting eyes and ears. Click here to learn more about Tugg, and scroll that mouse over here to get Bait 3D in your favorite theater.

In the meantime, I think I’ll be avoiding the seafood section of my local grocery store for a while.

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Horror News: Scott Snyder Will Bring Back The Joker

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When I was introduced to comics (which was not so long ago), I was given one piece of crucial advice: The author and the artist are much more important than the subject or protagonist. And yet, sometimes, you can have the best of both worlds.

Horror has been making its presence known in the comic industry as of late. Jeff Lemire brought us Animal Man, a horror story disguised as a superhero comic. Geoff Johns has brought us a new, self-aware Aquaman battling some of the most ferocious monsters to ever come from the bottom of the ocean. And now, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo will be adding to the bloodbath.

Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Swamp Thing, Severed) has had one hell of a run with Batman, and has recently wrapped up his story arc of the Court of Owls. If you have not been reading his works, you may change your mind soon. Snyder recently announced that for his next arc with Batman, he will be bringing back the Clown Prince of Crime.

That’s right, after more than a year of absence, Batman will once again take on his arch nemesis, the Joker.

But wait a minute, you say. This is a horror website. What does this have to do with horror? Check out this teaser image, and see if you still want to ask that question.

Horror News: Digitally Torture Your Real-Life Enemies with ‘Spinferno’

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We all have someone whom we want to see bleed.

It may be your boss. It may be that psycho ex. It may be that so-called “celebrity” everyone’s always talking about. Well, for a few spare dollars, you can make your dark, twisted fantasies a digital reality.

Chris Crane had a delightfully macabre thought. How about a game that allowed you to “torture the living hell” out of anyone you wanted? Crane brought his bloodlust to the R’yleh of app design, known in our realm as Rocksauce Studios. You may know Rocksauce from their beer-guzzling social app, Brewski Me. Together with artist Bernard Gumz of SCABFARM, the terrifying team is crafting what is sure to be the next big game to hit our smart phones. It’s called Spinferno, and you can help bring this hellfire to life.

Spinferno is how you play pinball in Hell. Except in Hell, you don’t use a ball. You use your worst enemies. You have the option of using one of the standard character models, if you’re a nice person with no grudges or anything like that. If you’re a normal person, you can customize with one of your own pictures through the Create-a-Victim feature. And then you can drop them into one of Dante’s Circles of Hell, where the bloodshed can begin. You also have the option of two different game modes. You can bring your victims through every Circle of pain and suffering in Journey Through Hell, the game’s story mode. Or, you can choose Massacre, and create as much bodily carnage as possible for points.

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