Of Course They’ll Remake MONSTER SQUAD, get over it.

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In case you missed it, Rob “FAST AND THE FURIOUS” Cohen told BD that Paramount had finally horded together all of the proper licenses and that he would be producing a remake of THE MONSTER SQUAD.  The Internet, as it is wont to do, imploded with the soundless thud of nerds everywhere collapsing their weary heads against boards of keys.

Is this a surprise to anyone?  It shouldn’t be.  THE MONSTER SQUAD may have lingered in rights limbo for decades, but no one forgot about it.  The sales of the sweet Lionsgate disk proved that.  So from a fiscal POV, of course it makes sense.  All remakes make sense under the green monocle.  Yet the biggest reason no one should be surprised by the news is the very reason they are all so inflamed; THE MONSTER SQUAD is fuckin’ awesome.

You know why Rob Cohen wants to put together a remake?  Because the movie kicks ass.  I know it.  You know it.  And if you and I know it, Rob Cohen damn well knows it seeing as he produced the effin’ thing twenty-one years ago.

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