Halloween White Elephant: La Setta (1991)

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From Brian Kelley–“Though far from prolific, Michele Soavi is probably my favorite Italian horror film director. This film is considered the 4th in the DEMONS series (Soavi’s THE CHURCH was the 3rd). Neither of Soavi’s entries have any real relation to Lamberto Bava’s originals. While LA SETTA takes a while to get off the ground (after an opening that turns America’s ‘A Horse with No Name’ into an uber-creepy ballad) it descends into Soavi’s typical visually striking horror. Any horror fan owes it to him or herself to watch Soavi’s entire filmography.”

It only took about two minutes into this movie before I had a good idea as to why Brian Kelley chose this particular film for me to watch. We open with a group of hippies in the desert in 1970 and a mysterious stranger makes his way to their huddle looking for food and water. By nightfall he has killed the children of the group and some of the hippies. What is this psychopath’s name, you ask? Damon – of course.

Halloween White Elephant: The Church (1989)

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From Brian Salisbury–“I assigned Noah THE CHURCH for a couple of reasons. The first is I know he’s not really big on Italian horror, which is ultimately chief among his many character flaws. In all seriousness, I know that our intimate horror circle (a term having almost nothing to do with masturbation) loves the DEMONS franchise by Lamberto Bava and THE CHURCH is (un)officially considered the third chapter of that story. I am interested to see if I can trick Noah into liking this Italian horror film via the similarities it shares with an Italian horror film he actually enjoys. Because gift-giving, in the end, is all about trickery and hoodwinking (again not a self love term).”

When Brian assigned me The Church I was actually quite excited. I’ll be honest here and say that while I do enjoy a lot of Italian horror films, I’m not quite as enamored with the giallos that many horror fans are so fond of. I much prefer my horror like I like my whiskey, straight, on the rocks…with a lot of blood…and no mystery nonsense. Let’s just say The Church is right up my alley with its critical eye on the religious persecution of supposed witches, demonic insanity, self-mutilation and shithouse rat crazy ending.

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