Terror Tuesday Report: Maniac Cop 2

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I have an unhealthy level of affection for this entire franchise. In one of the few entries of my AYIF series, I revealed my love for the first film in suspiciously overzealous fashion. After seeing the first, I immediately sought out and watched parts 2 and 3 and found them both to be very enjoyable followups. But it wasn’t until this screening of William Lustig’s own print of Maniac Cop 2 that I realized just how special this sequel is.

Maniac Cop 2 picks up right where the first film leaves off, with undead police officer Matt Cordell and our hero, played by Bruce Campbell, locked in a death struggle on a speeding police paddy wagon. Once Cordell is assumed to have been secured a watery grave, officers Forrest (Campbell) and Mallory (Laurene Landon) have a hard time getting the brass to buy their explanation of what happened; the police chief being especially reticent to accept that Matt Cordell returned from the grave to perpetrate a series of homicides. But while our intrepid heroes try to pick up the pieces of their shattered worlds, Cordell again rises to dish out his own flavor of law and order. Will their combined knowledge of Cordell’s methods, along with the aide of loose cannon Detective Sean McKinney (Robert Davi) be enough to once again stop Cordell?

The Terror Tuesday Forecast: Maniac Cop 2

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As promised, Monday arrives with a glimpse of this week’s Terror Tuesday feature. I’m incredibly excited about this week’s film, Maniac Cop 2.

When I began attending Terror Tuesday, what seems like forever ago, the ratio of films playing that I had seen to those I hadn’t was heavily skewed toward the latter. But the truly rewarding thing about living in Austin for almost three years now and writing for various horror sites is that I’ve been exposed to so many offbeat and obscure titles that now the ratio has leveled off significantly. That being said, even the films I’ve already seen tend to take on a whole new life when projected in 35mm. I’ve already professed my love for the original Maniac Cop here on HND, but the entire franchise is pretty outstanding. Even the third film, which is by far the weakest, offers plenty of entertainment. I am thrilled to see the second installment again and even more excited that the great William Lustig, director of the entire series as well as the head of Blue Underground and one of my personal heroes, will be in attendance. I had the great privilege to interview Mr. Lustig last week for Cinematical and his enthusiasm and passion for film, particularly horror, only made me more a bigger fan.

Sorry, I’m rambling. Here’s the trailer. Maniac Cop 2, we’ll see you next Tuesday.

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