Last Week in Horror News: November 29th to December 6th

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Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • CASE 39 – Two new clips for the long-shelved Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper and Ian McShane thriller.
  • DAYBREAKERS – A new teaser spot for the damned fine flick out in January.  Review here.

Studio News and Attachments

  • ZOMBIELAND 2 – Is official and will be shot in 3D.  Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg are assumed to be returning, but no word on Emma Stone or Abigail Breslin.
  • BAD MONKEYS – Matt Battaglia (who produced the cool, but languishing in release flick KILL THEORY) is producing BAD MONKEYS, a script about a girl who, when arrested for murder, claims to be part of a secret society dedicated to fighting evil.
  • ENDANGERED SPECIES – Eli Roth’s next project as a director is still undergoing some script tweaking, after Roth showed a draft to Quentin Tarantino, of course, as well as some f/x tests to determine how it will be shot.
  • “HOWL” – In an attempt to get some of them Twilight monies, Fox and DreamWorks are teaming together to make a show about rival werewolf families in Alaska.  Should have just called it “TEAM JACOB CASH-GRAB”.
  • HATCHET 2 – The sequel to Adam Green’s swamp-killer “throwback” HATCHET is moving along at Anchor Bay and the first official new cast member is none other than Daniel Harris.


  • PHONE – The rather unimpressive K-horror flick PHONE (review) about a…killer phone… has been optioned for a US remake by Imprint Entertainment.
  • THE AMITYVILLE HORROR – Dimension Films is planning on remaking AMITYVILLE yet again.  Because it turned out so well for all involved with Platinum Dunes did it 4 years ago…

Indie, Foreign and Random News

  • RIP Paul Naschy – The Spanish Lon Chaney passed away this past week at the age of 75.
  • Universal Classic Monsters – Universal’s new site for THE WOLF MAN remake features a loving tribute to its stable of classic monsters equipped with playable soundtracks and more.
  • Sundance 2010 – A look at the intriguing lineup for next year’s midnight movie slate at Sundance.
  • FROST ROAD – Keith Arem is making the jump from the video game world (he directed the cutscenes in MODERN WARFARE 2) to the big screen with FROST ROAD, a story about “the survivors and victims of an invisible contagion in a small coastal Eastern town.”
  • NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: ORIGINS – The cast for the animated prequel film to NOTLD voice cast includes Danielle Harris, Mos Def and Bill Moseley.
  • LEFT FOR DEAD – Albert Pyun is making a western-set horror movie called LEFT FOR DEAD, which will be told in “almost real time”, not unlike Pyun’s INVASION (review), which was laboriously told in real time from the dash-cam of a cop car.
  • ALONE IN THE DARK II – Will be out on DVD January 26.  Just an FYI since I know everyone was eager to mark their calendars.  Note: this one has almost nothing to do with Uwe Boll’s film.
  • PIPER – Zenescope Entertainment’s comic PIPER about a bullied kid in high school who channels the malevolent spirit of the Pied Piper is heading for the land of film.
  • SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE – John Landis is producing a film called SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE.  Awkward.

Non-Theatrical Trailers and Clips

  • PHOBOS – Co-eds locked in an underground bunker in Russia does not at all look like THE HOLE on steroids…
  • THE DESCENT 2 – Clip.
  • FRITT VILT 3 – Norway’s first slasher (known as COLD PREY in the States) gets another sequel.

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