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I figured a second review of THIRST was best reserved for when the film expanded to several new cities.  What a coincidence that 8/14/09 marks just such an occasion.  Click here for a list of theaters hosting the badass Korean mamajama.

Directed by Chan-wook Park, 2009
Written by Seo-Gyeong Jeong, Chan-wook Park

A film’s title can often be the greatest signifier of what the film is, perhaps even more so than its genre.  A genre is just a categorical label telling you what kind of film the film resembles; but a good title should encompass everything the film actually represents.  The genre, the attitude, the tone, and the themes are just some of the things that should be considered when deciding on a title.  A well thought out title should be able to give you a helpful hint as to what the film is about, in what manner it will be presented to you, and most of all gain your interest.

One of the best ways to gain interest (mine at least) is through vague suggestion.   You’re not quite sure what the title means.  You know what the words mean, but don’t know what is so special about those particular words that they symbolize the feeling of the entire film.

In the case of THIRST it can be implied that the title generically represents the need for liquid.  When you hear the synopsis that it’s a film about a vampire then you can gather that the title refers to the vampire’s need for blood.  This, however, is the powerful thing about simple titles.  Ironically, the fewer amount of words used in a title the more it tends to embody.  Going by that rationale, and after viewing THIRST, the thickness of the film’s ideas and themes couldn’t have been spread over a multiple word title; it had to be compacted into one simple expression of desire, and necessity.

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