HND Giveaway: JU-ON: THE GRUDGE for Wii

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Everyone likes free stuff and everyone wants free stuff and I happen to have some free stuff that I can give away, but not to everyone.  If you’d like the sole copy of JU-ON: THE GRUDGE I have to offer, navigate your little clickercontraption up to the top right corner of this screen and click the contact button.  Send me an email with the subject line “I’m man enough to play a Haunted House Simulator” with your name and address and I’ll mail it on out. Let’s peg the deadline for submissions Tuesday, January 12th.

If you need a reminder of what JU-ON: THE GRUDGE is, I point you towards this HND post titled “I Will Shit My Pants Playing This Game“.  Or you can read my full review at HorrorSquad, that will probably do a better job explaining whether it is actually any good.  Spoiler alert: it will drive you crazy.

Oh, and a big thanks to XSEED and friends for letting me give away a copy!

Horror Brings the Ruckus to E3.

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There was quite a bit of Horror infused in E3 this year, impressing myself and horror fans in general more than I think anyone expected.  Personally, E3 had pretty much everything I wanted: New game announcements, trailers/gameplay footage of games I’ve been following and even one or two surprises.

Videos and highlights follow:


This was a shock for me. I knew Valve was displaying a new game but I thought it would be another in the Half-Life series or something completely new. I can’t complain as I still play the original and love it to death.

I love the gameplay videos that were featured. The melee weapons add a new layer of depth to the game. You can make the case this is just a feature shamelessly stolen from DEAD RISING but forgery aside it’s hard to argue that L4D2 seems to open up the game like never before; along with new enemies, weapons, maps and boss creatures. I also love the southern-theme they are going for with this entry, especially the fiddle that plays during a horde sequence.

Valve went all out show casing off several maps and quite a bit of walkthroughs. Maybe I shouldn’t have listed L4D2 first, but this was the clear winner of E3 horror.

Now after all that praise I have to say, it worried me a bit. It will be released this November making it just 13 months after the original was released. It is VERY uncharacteristic of Valve to release a sequel this quickly after a game. While LEFT 4 DEAD 2 looks to add a lot of content, it still seems like all of this could be added as an expansion or DLC.  An outright sequel? Something seems amiss, but this is Valve I am talking about. When was the last time they made a bad game?

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