Trailer for HISSS may Prove 2009 the Year of the Creature Feature.

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I am unclear what number of films is necessary to declare an entire orbit around the sun in the name of a niche, but going on quality, the inhuman ones are posed for a comeback.  The stretch is a touch arid between the recent DVD of THE BURROWERS (review) and THE WOLF MAN in November, but I imagine that the intervening months will see Jennifer Lynch’s HISSS hit the festival circuit.  I’ve got an itch that says age old tales of beasties prove to be some of the best horror of the year.

If in doubt that 2K9 is going to shake up the field, shoot some HISSS in those pessimistic veins.  It’s quixotic.

Trailer removed.  That’s a first.  It is still at Twitch, though.

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