HND Asks James Caviezel a few Questions About NATURE’S GRAVE.

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Not long ago I was given the opportunity to bounce a few questions off of James Caviezel, the star of Jamie Blanks’ LONG WEEKEND remake NATURE’S GRAVE.  It’s only a few queries for the man, mainly his general attitude towards making genre films and his approach to working in a remake, but I think he gives some interesting answers.  I particularly like how he doesn’t care if a film is niche so long as it has a strong script.

What is it about niche genre projects like Outlander or Nature’s Grave that interests you most? Is it an area you’ll continue to go back to often?

I never think of them as niche movies, just strong scripts that ultimately make a statement that I’m proud to help put forward.  I actually thought of Outlander as a bigger action picture, rather than as a niche movie.  However, I liked the idea that a stranger from another planet and another era finds himself in a position to try to help defend a clan, first from other warring clans and then from an alien that he was responsible for bringing into their world.

Before coming aboard Nature’s Grave were you familiar with the 1978 version of the film?

I rarely see a film that I know I am about to do, but in this case, the director and producers sent it and strongly suggested I take a look at it.  I was shocked that I hadn’t heard of it before, once I saw it.  It feels like it was years ahead of its time, in its respect for nature, and yet I realize that there have always been perceptive people around – we just don’t tend to hear them.

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