Horror News: Digitally Torture Your Real-Life Enemies with ‘Spinferno’

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We all have someone whom we want to see bleed.

It may be your boss. It may be that psycho ex. It may be that so-called “celebrity” everyone’s always talking about. Well, for a few spare dollars, you can make your dark, twisted fantasies a digital reality.

Chris Crane had a delightfully macabre thought. How about a game that allowed you to “torture the living hell” out of anyone you wanted? Crane brought his bloodlust to the R’yleh of app design, known in our realm as Rocksauce Studios. You may know Rocksauce from their beer-guzzling social app, Brewski Me. Together with artist Bernard Gumz of SCABFARM, the terrifying team is crafting what is sure to be the next big game to hit our smart phones. It’s called Spinferno, and you can help bring this hellfire to life.

Spinferno is how you play pinball in Hell. Except in Hell, you don’t use a ball. You use your worst enemies. You have the option of using one of the standard character models, if you’re a nice person with no grudges or anything like that. If you’re a normal person, you can customize with one of your own pictures through the Create-a-Victim feature. And then you can drop them into one of Dante’s Circles of Hell, where the bloodshed can begin. You also have the option of two different game modes. You can bring your victims through every Circle of pain and suffering in Journey Through Hell, the game’s story mode. Or, you can choose Massacre, and create as much bodily carnage as possible for points.

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